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Hire our crew to install acoustical ceilings throughout your building

Looking for a contractor who can install an acoustical ceiling at your workplace? If so, you've come to the right place. Our skilled contractors at Beacham Construction Group, LLC have been installing functional and beautiful acoustical ceilings since the '40s. You can trust our team to follow standard practices and safety procedures during your new ceiling installation.

Update your work facility the easy way - contact us today to install an acoustical ceiling in your facility.

Discover the benefits of installing acoustical ceilings

Acoustical ceilings can be used to strategically hide pipes and ducts in your office or basement. You can also install an acoustical ceiling to:

  • Liven up your interior - acoustical ceilings reflect natural light, which brightens up any room
  • Make your space more relaxing - these ceilings are lower, which prevents echoes and dampens ambient noise
  • Start saving money - tile ceilings trap air from your HVAC systems, which reduces your monthly energy bills

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